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København is Danish for Copenhagen.
København Klassisk Gin carries one of the highest levels of juniper berries in the world delivering flavour the original way.
The creatively crafted small batch gin is a modern variation over a classic theme. The distillation process and its micro vaporization brings out the best of the Nordic juniper, spruce, citrus and licorice root in a unique combination. The bottle is inspired by traditional pharmacy bottles, a premium and distinct look that captures the simplicity and minimalist design heritage of Denmark.
Alcohol 46.0 % ? 75cl, 50cl and 5cl

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Photography: Benjamin Lossius Company profile Distilling with Nordic distinction Nordic Gin House is a Nordic collaboration between the best small, local distilleries and the most renowned sommeliers, master distillers and mixologists.
Different backgrounds.
Different countries.
Same ambition: To bring out the best of the Nordic distillery tradition. With respect for gin heritage, each gin from the Nordic Gin House brings its unique distinction with local spices and sense of national taste. The Nordic Gin concept Nordic Gin is a super premium range of gins created with passion by the best small batch distilleries. A Nordic concept that follows the global gin trends and the increasing interest in local differentiation, authenticity and inspiration.

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